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How To Name Your Fish


Once you are thinking about getting any pet, you will probably ask yourself, "What should I name it?" This is a very valid question and you will probably have to think about this for a while. This article will give you some good ideas on how to name your fish.

Method 1: Think about objects you like

Personally, I like to name things after objects. For example, Acorn who is one of our fish is named after, obviously, an acorn. If you like, let's say, fruit, then you can name him or her Mango. This is a great way to name your fish something that relates to you. I think that you should always name your fish something that is about you because, after all, this is your fish. Objects are a great way to go because you can name them after virtually anything. Don't feel like you need to name your fish immediately because this is what you are going to call the fish forever. You should just take your time and think hard about what you like to do and what your favorite things in life are. I think that this way to name your fish is pretty straight forward. Just think about what you like and name your fish that.

Method 2: Think about who your idol is

If you love playing a sport, then think about who your favorite player is in that sport. For example, if you love football, and your favorite team is the 49ers, then you could name your fish Jerry Rice. Also, maybe if your fish is the colors of a team, then you could name your fish after a player on that team. Like, if your betta is blue and yellow, then you could name it Steph Curry, from the Warriors. If you love movies, then you could name your fish after your favorite movie star. For example, you could name your fish 'The Rock' if you love his movies. You can also think about things like if you have a fish that has a red head, you could name it after a famous redhead. That would make it so that your fish looks like who it's named after. If you love just any person, then you can just name it after them. The best way to name your fish after someone is if it looks like them.

Method 3: Trace back to your origins

If your family is from a different country, you are going to love this method. The method title may look a little confusing, but I'll clear it up for you. If your family is from a non-English speaking country, then you can name your fish something in that language. For example, if you were French, you could name your fish Hérrison, which is French for hedgehog. Then, you could give him the nickname of Harrison because they are pronounced similarly. This gives your fish name with a personal touch and will be cool. I think that this is one of the best options if you can do it because you can give your fish a normal name with another real name.


In conclusion, you should name your fish something personal because that gives a good touch. I think that you should start thinking about your fish name as soon as you are done with setting up your tank because then you have time to think about it before and during your fish keeping. Chose a cool name that you think fits the fish well and it will be great.

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